Parrot eats the corn, parakeet gets the blame

(Para ler em Português: Papagaio come milho, periquito leva a fama)

According to Samaritans’ last annual report, an UK registered charity aimed at providing support to anyone in emotional distress, every year about 200 people throw themselves in front of a train in the Netherlands, leaving the country in the 4th position in the European railways suicidal ranking. The suicide rate in the Netherlands is not that bad, around 0,0098% per year, but currently 12% of them are rail-related…

Sunny morning of May 3rd 2013. I was at Bergen op Zoom train station, but my train didn’t show up. I heard an announcement from the station speakers – in Dutch! What the hell are they saying??? Is my train coming or not? Was it cancelled? Is it broken? Is it being fixed or replaced? When is it coming? What am I supposed to do?????? Continue reading Parrot eats the corn, parakeet gets the blame

Don’t push your luck!!

(Para ler este post em português: Não dê sopa para o azar!!)

Everyone who travels knows how annoying it can be to get your luggage back upon arrival, since suitcases from top brands are always similar and come in the same colors: black, blue, red, black, orange, black, green, black, brown, black. (Anyways light colors are not recommended cause they get dirty very quickly!)

To avoid problems I prefer buying the colored ones, but still it happened to me once to have a missing red (!!) bag in a big airport in the US. The conveyor belt rolled and rolled… One by one I watched the other passengers pick up their baggage and leave. The only thing left on the carousel was a bag exactly like mine: same size, color, brand, model. Continue reading Don’t push your luck!!

The older you get, the better you get – unless you’re a banana

Uriah Heep | Sometimes dreams come true

(Para ler este post em português: Galinha velha é que dá bom caldo) 

In the southern Netherlands, close to the Belgium border, there is the enchanting little town of Bergen op Zoom, a city that hosts one of the last Medieval Gates remaining in the country. But the reason why I included this village of such a picturesque name on my travel plans was much more special than that:

Continue reading The older you get, the better you get – unless you’re a banana

There’s no smoke without fire

EXTRA: BRAZILIAN RIOTS | It’s not about R$ 0.20

"Under Construction"
“Under Construction”
(Para ler este post em Português: EXTRA: Onde há fumaça há fogo)

My purpose on this blog is not talk about politics or social problems of my country but, being on the other side of the Atlantic, my sister asked me to share how the riots against the increase in bus fare are re

verberating internationally… Continue reading There’s no smoke without fire

The man who sleeps with dogs wakes up with fleas

A Jerk, Skid Row, The Fox, Brazilians, a Cassino…

(Para ler este post em Português: Galo que acompanha pato morre afogado)

April 13th, 2013. What does London city have to offer to a rocker on a Saturday night??? I will tell you: much more than one could imagine…! You never know how the night is gonna end…

I started the evening attending to a Skid Row gig. Even though I’ve never been a big fan of these guys I decided to give them a chance, and went to see them live at O2 Islington. And I’m glad I did it!! Continue reading The man who sleeps with dogs wakes up with fleas

Coquettish as a fly circling a syrup stopper

A Folk Evening @UpstairsRitzy

(Para ler este post em Português: Faceira como mosca em rolha de xarope)

April 11th, 2013. For those who enjoy folk music… Attending an invitation of my lovely English teacher at LITE College Sophie, I went together with a few colleagues to Upstairs at the Ritzy to watch one of our teachers playing folk music. As the Brits say, it was ‘marvelous‘! Continue reading Coquettish as a fly circling a syrup stopper

The early bird catches the worm

Rival Sons rockin’ London

(Para ler este post em Português: O pássaro madrugador é o que come a minhoca)

April 09th, 2013. Wow, for me this was not just ‘one more rock’n’roll night’ – this was the night I went to see Rival Sons playing live!! For those who have never heard about them, Rival Sons is a band from Long Beach, California, and although they count with less than 5 years of existence they have already attracted a lot of attention from critics and audiences, and they have even been quoted as ‘the new Led Zeppelin’. In order to verify if there was some exaggeration in this statement I decided to check out the band personally… What a tough life…!! :-P Continue reading The early bird catches the worm

Rockin' round the world


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