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Once again Cristiane. She told me “If you’re planning to do such a big adventure you do need to write a blog. Otherwise how would we be able to follow you?”

That’s fine but… How do you create one???

Flavia showed me how to do it and gave me some websites addresses. I chose WordPress because it was international and I thought it would be the best option to communicate with foreign people too and not only my Brazilian fellows.

It took me a couple of hours to find the perfect name for me and my blog. WWWander had everything I wanted to express: to Wander World Wide, all around the globe… I chose a nice pict for the main page and wrote a few lines for the summary…

Next weekend it was my sister’s turn – Cintia – to bring me new ideas.
She told me I could use the blog to get some support ($) for the trip, from companies like Expedia, Kiss FM, Jack Daniels, among others.
“Yeah really. People make money writing things like this, when they have enough readers…”

So I hope you’re following me…
And if you are, thanks for supporting me!

… but at that time I had no inspiration at all… and wwwander remained empty…


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