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One year, the globe. But where to go?!?

Since I’ll have to do some engineering learning during the trip it’ll be necessary to STAY in some cities for a while and not only just “wander” around the globe.

How would you pick 3 or 4 cities among all the 191 (according to ONU’s list) existing countries ??

My “headquarters” must be relevant regarding civil engineering, music, language, Kung Fu and my “family mystery” (to understand these topics you’ll have to read my previous post) and also be well located, so that I would be able to travel from these headquarters and visit more and more places.

I want to divide my time between Europe because of its cultural influence over this side of the world where I grew up regarding architecture, music, food and arts
and Asia because of all of its history, culture, technology, natural beauties and (of course) martial arts.

I chose (a) Venetia from Italy because it’s where my grandfather came from, (b) London from UK for of its relevance regarding the rock’n’roll scene, (c) Shanghai or Beijing from China because of its great construction technologies and (d) Foshan cause it’s currently the heart of my Kung Fu form Choy Li Fut.

“Choy Li Fut is the most effective system that I’ve seen for fighting more than one person. [It] is one of the most difficult styles to attack and defend against. Choy Li Fut is the only style [of kung fu] that traveled to Thailand to fight the Thai boxers and hadn’t lost.” –Bruce Lee”

… and in case I get enough time for that, (e) SanFran/ CA (which is my favorite magical city from US) will be my last destination before coming back home…


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