Summer Festivals

(Para ler este post em Português: Festivais de Verão na Europa)

Want to enhance your next vacation?

I think it’s now time to stop with the cheap talk and go ahead with the actual purpose of this blog. From now on I’ll alternate posts regarding rock, travel, kung fu, learning abroad programs, planning, and everything else needed to plan my trip (or yours I hope)!

Some of my friends are so excited with my travel plans that they just can’t help giving me new ideas (thx Guan Gong really strong ones) for this blog! I’ve already listed in my head five topics to research and write about in my next posts… I hope they are going to be helpful for you all – or at least I wish they become pleasant readings in case you and me don’t have anything in common…!

Another day my friend Cristiane from IBM came to me with a newspaper containing an article about Music Festivals that commonly happen in Europe during (their) Summer, I’ll start with this great subject!

What if you could incorporate to your next vacation the unique experience of watching some of your favorite bands playing live in a BIG festival huh?

I’ve made a research on the web and picked a few that seemed to be the most interesting ones according to my tastes – I’ve listed a some of them below:

Though I haven’t found anything scheduled for 2013 yet looking at 2012 calendar I can predict that there’ll be dozens of Rock Festivals going on during my travel year!

And please don’t be sad if there’s nothing in my top picks for you, there’s a lot more happening to suit all tastes! If you want further and complete information from the electronic scene to the pop music and passing through jazz I found this amazing website with EVERYTHING related to music festivals – even better not only regarding Europe but both US and Canada too.

Just go for and have fun!!!


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