Like grandmother, like granddaughter

Some Crazy Travel Memories

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Last year while on vacation traveling across California I was fortunate to meet personally my favorite British rock group. After the gig I was chatting with one of the band guys about how my trip was going on until then and I was very surprised to hear from him how he felt intimidated about traveling alone. He told me that he had left London by himself just a couple of times… Ha. Can you believe that? He had spent his whole life traveling worldwide to play with the band but still he was not confident enough to do it solo!

Then on the other day I was reading an article about how to deal with negative people when communicating a RTW travel plan at the (amazing) BootsnAll website when I suddenly realized that indeed traveling is not a must or even a pleasure for everyone. Since then I’ve been pondering about when and how this became a need for me…

Though I’m not sure when the travel bug exactly buzzed me for the first time I’ve been recalling some remarkable facts of my childhood…

I’ve remembered how awesome used to be walking around the neighborhood and breaking into under construction houses with my cousins during summer vacations when I was a kid. (I grew up in a busy area of the largest South America city and it was great to evade every summer to my grandma’s place which had a remote vicinity).

One of the highlights of my childhood was the day when I’ve escaped from home while my parents were out for work, bypassed the condominium supervision and walked all the way from our building to the principal nearby expressway by myself. Later that day when I told mom how brave I’d been to have done such an audacious act I couldn’t understand why she scolded me… I was 9 then. But even so after that earful I couldn’t stop going for long walks from times to times…

Afterward when we moved to a smaller city I remember that as soon as I started on my new school I skipped classes to walk around the new neighborhood alone. I was 11.

It became worse during my teens. I shouldn’t mention it here but in almost every school holiday I put a backpack and ran to the road. Most times with friends but sometimes on my own. At that time I was totally irresponsible and it was not unusual to give my parents a call only after I’d reached my destiny. “Hi mom! It’s me! Hey, listen, I’m in <city’s name> now. I don’t know when I’ll be back… Love you! Bye!” (I think it’s unnecessary to say how much she hated when I did that… Those were crazy years…!)

During college years I began to travel for longer periods and distances but still without leaving the country. After I graduated I had to travel a lot and I was always moving from city to city because of my job role but while it was wonderful to get to know so many different locations (and considering my country’s huuuge dimensions also diverse cultures) I longed for more. It was only a few years ago that I finally started with the international journeys.

Some people can’t get it but I feel as if it was a call that I must answer. The urge inside of me to explore the new is so strong that I had even established a secret code to warn my parents if I ever meet an alien spaceship… (please I’m not totally crazy and I know how unlikely this is – but it’s not impossible).  After all how could I pass up the chance of an outer space vacation…?

Although it’s not possible to make a statement I believe that this tendency of mine to explore new horizons was genetically inherited from my maternal grandma. She is an incredible and intelligent woman, who speaks 5 idioms and has traveled through lots of countries in Europe and South and North America. She’s 90 now and she continues to travel whenever it’s feasible.

I’ve never been afraid (haha lets make it clear: I’ve never been afraid of solo traveling). I assume that the amount of good human beings in our world far outweighs the bad guys. Whatever happens there will always be someone ready to help you. I may be a dreamer… Hope not…

*** this is one of the great songs my friends and I used to sing when on the road:


5 thoughts on “Like grandmother, like granddaughter”

  1. Estou com coceiras em minhas mãos e decidir tão próximo se posso ”cometer” mais uma viajem. Minha ultima já se passou 10 anos onde percorri quase toda Europa parando de capital em capital em loucas e lúcidas aventuras pelo velho continente.
    Acho que devo arregaçar as mangas e me organizar..pq. estou com vontade de criar azas novamente para mais um tour….será? Qdo será?

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