Better lose the saddle than the horse


(Para ler este post em Português: Vão-se os anéis mas ficam os dedos)

After having a long sleep (finally) and a good hot shower I went for a walk to see Birmingham. I ate my first meal in two days (appetizers and airplane food don’t count) in a French restaurant. Steak with fries and crème brûlée for dessert. The steak was a little tough which made me wonder if I was eating horse meat but the crème was delicious and that was enough for me. Next I found a Starbucks where I ordered a double expresso. That’s all I needed! Now I’m ready to rock! Cause I’ve a ticket for UFO gig tonight!! 😀

The venue was less than 2 miles away from my hotel so I decided to walk. The city looks marvelous at night time! When I got there the opening band was still on stage and they had a full house. I went to the bar to warm my soul with a scotch and stood there watching other people trying to understand how to order my drink. Three big guys approached me and taught me how to do it. When I asked them if I should tip the waitress they answered in unison ‘This is not America!!!‘ haha. At first these three guys seemed to be nice, but during the concert one of them stealthily touched my butt which made me yell at him very angry. What’s the point on acting like this? Do they get aroused doing this? Do they think it will turn me on? Jerks.

On the other side it was surprisingly kind that some tall people (both women and men) had invited me to stood in front of them so I could see the concert better. This way I could get really close to the stage.

UFO got on stage by 9PM. The gig was awesome!! Much better than the ones I’ve seen in California in 2011!! I wasn’t taking notes but I remember they opened the night with Lights Out, from their last album they played Fight Night, Wonderland and Burn Your House Down, from The Visitor they chose Hell Driver (my favorite), among classics like Cherry, Only You Can Rock Me, Love To Love, Too Hot To Handle, also Rock Bottom of course with an incredible guitar solo from Vinnie Moore and on the encore they played Doctor Doctor and Shot Shot. In between the songs Phil humorously talked to the audience while taking sips of beer. He was really in a good mood that night! And I couldn’t believe when they recognized me from the US tour in the middle of the crowd!

UFO on stage

That said, after the gig I was lucky enough to be invited to socialize with UFO backstage, got my album covers signed by the band members, chat with everyone, (hey there folks the great news is that they’ll play in Brazil very soon!!! Too bad I wont be there…). I was so distracted with all that situation I didn’t notice when my covers disappeared… It made me feel incredibly sorry… Not exactly because of the covers, cause I can buy new ones and I can get their signing again sooner or later, but because I like to trust people and when this kind of thing happens it reminds me I should not rely on everyone…

… But the night goes on, and about one hour later I was inside their tour bus!! We drank beer and wine, also the crew members were all awesome, I heard a lot of funny stories about the band and how some songs were written, that was definitely an amazing crazy night!! I don’t know how much time I spent there, but it was almost morning when I got back to my hotel! Unforgettable!

Aspire to make a differenceI saw this sign fixed to a door while I was wandering aimlessly in Birmingham…

3.3.13 was this day.


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