It’s easy to be a rock, hard is to be a panel

1st muddle @London – Brazilian Goofy Style

And there I was lucky enough to have my photograph taken by a charming stranger in the street of Birmingham...
I was lucky to have my photograph taken by a charming stranger in the streets of Birmingham…
(Para ler este post em Português: É fácil ser pedra, difícil é ser vidraça)

Sunny Monday in Birmingham. Lovely day for a walk, delicious Italian lunch, time passes so quickly when you’re having such a great day…! Wish that day could l

ast forever

By the end of the day I took the road back to London and got at my new home by 9 pm.  The house was empty, the streets were deserted, the only thing I could hear were trains traveling the rails from times to times somewhere not far – which made me feel a little unsafe. But the exhaustion overcame me and I fell asleep in few minutes… Later that night I vaguely remember hearing voices of a french couple entering the house, maybe another person too, steps creaking the floor, a TV turned on… And nothing more…

Spacious room - Home Sweet Home
Spacious room – Home Sweet Home

Next morning I woke up willing to take a good shower!! There’s only one shared bathroom in the house, upstairs. My room is on the facade of the building and it has a door that leads directly to the outside, and another one to the inside. There are three other guestrooms in the house. The main entrance of the house is located on the back, it’s like a service egress which connects several other mullioned houses’ backyards. Formerly my room must have been a living room. There’s also a small kitchen next to my room. My roommates left the house early in the morning before I get in the mood to socialize, so I decided it would be safer to lock my room’s door to take my shower. But then after the bath…. back to my room… my key to the inside door didn’t work!!!!

And there I was dressed in a towel alone in the house with my hair dripping wet trapped outside my room!!! My only option: get outside the house, circumvent the whole building, get to the main street and then enter my room using the facade door. 6°C on the outside, of a shiny and veeery clearly sunny day.

And that’s what I did.

Path to my room surrounding the bldg - wearing a towel!!!
Path to my room surrounding the bldg: backyard door, service path and the facade – all the way wearing a towel!!!

Did I mention that my house is located in a Muslim neighborhood? Where women walk the streets with their hair covered, no body exposure at all???? Yeah, I think this was definitely the greatest way to introduce myself to the neighbors. This is the Brazilian’s goofy style.

And then… I was peacefully drying my beautiful and long blonde hair when suddenly I noticed a transit tax walking by the street. I looked at the watch and – damned! – my permission had expired 15 min before. I ran to my car but it was too late. I got a ticket. I’m now an international offender, and also I’m £65 poorer… Well… I think I deserve it.  I’m glad I was not fined for being a sexual offender!!!

As they say shit happens… Apparently for me all the time… 


7 thoughts on “It’s easy to be a rock, hard is to be a panel”

  1. Glad you made it. Welcome to England! My ‘puter is in the menders, so no comms at present. My mobile is 0791 3822 312 but text first please because I don’t answer unknown numbers. Enjoy!!! Martin. xx

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