When the well dries you realize the value of water

Is WWWanderer Going to Freeze???

(Para ler este post em Português: É quando a fonte seca que se percebe o valor da água)

Late night yesterday I was alone in the house when someone knocked on my door (remember my room in located on the facade of the building – and for this reason I’ve been helping all the other guests that lodge here). When I opened there was a strange Indian guy standing there arguing me for instructions on how to get the key to his room from the locker. I friendly introduced myself, as usual: ‘hello, I’m Claudia from Brazil‘ but in response he just stared at me impatiently. I helped him get his key and then I noticed there was a suspicious car parked in front of my room. Suddenly four (!!) other guys got off the car and joined this guy.  They all were a little rude with me but anyway they took the key and left to the building main entrance.

I had my music on so I increased its volume not to be disturbed. Using the back door they entered the house and got upstairs. For a while there was a lot of noise, but I pretended I was not hearing them…

Next morning when I went outside my room to check the weather these impolite guys had their window opened upstairs to the facade and they were cursing unintelligible words while they were shaking a drawer from their window. I asked them out loud what was going on and I think that made them fell intimidated because they stopped instantly.

Anyway I waited until they left to go out of my room and took my shower. They finally left 11am when the rude guy from the previous night handed his room key to me. Of course I could not control my curiosity and went to see how the room was…


It was a mess but at least it was not damaged…


An hour later someone else knocked on my door. He introduced himself as Victor, a representative of the British Gas Co. Then he and his peer Shahid entered the house in order to change the gas meter for a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model. At first I didn’t realize what was going on but talking to them for a while I understood that they were changing the measurement counter and that with this equipment one would have to pay in advance for the gas to have the heat working properly… And I need the gas for the heat. And for the shower!

Shahid from the British Gas Co.
Shahid from the British Gas Co. changing the meter

I emailed my landlord Kaz to assure I wouldn’t be affected and that the heat wouldn’t be turned off….

Half an hour passed, one hour passed, two hours passed, three hours passed and no response from Kaz!!!

Then I did the only thing I was supposed to do. I started crying.

Is it possible that WWWanderer will freeze in this cold weather of London in her first month of travel?!? Outside it’s snowing again…


It was almost 4pm when finally Roxana, the maintenance manager, came. Usually she comes here before noon, so I was becoming really worried. I explained everything that happened from the strange Indian guys to the gas meter to her and she immediately called Kaz. And he came to my place.

It was amazing to have a chance to personally meet my landlord! I was imagining him as a bossy kind of guy, tempestuous, hard to deal, and instead of it I discovered a polite man, friendly, very well educated and truly concerned about the comfort of his guests. He got extremely upset when he saw what the strange guys had done specially because they’re from India, which is his home land. I told him I know how it is and that I know in every country there are great people and others… not so great. Just like in Brazil.

We talked for almost one hour about travels, family, how he’s working hard to get the best education for his kids, and I discovered he’s a lovely family man.

And now I’m feeling safe. And I know I won’t freeze this winter.


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