All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

The Intrepid Fox of Soho

(Para ler este post em Português: Nem só de pão vive o homem)

Last Friday I was looking for a pub with live music (preferably free of charge) to hang out with my friend Jim and after a research on Songkick I discovered that a local hair metal band called Damn Dice would be playing that night. Before taking the final decision we checked out on YouTube and we found out that the band seemed to be quite good although not outstanding. The aspect of this evening that worth a highlight indeed is the venue: The Intrepid Fox.

The Intrepid Fox @Soho
The Intrepid Fox @Soho
Pool table upstairs @The Intrepid Fox
Pool table upstairs @The Intrepid Fox

The Intrepid Fox is an alternative rock’n’roll joint situated in Soho area. It’s a two-story building with its main bar and lounge space located at the ground floor and upstairs there is the stage and also a pool table. The place has a terrific atmosphere and it’s “beautifully” decorated with gargoyles, skeletons, posters and everything else that makes headbangers feel at home… A lovely charming place. \m/

We got there at 9:30pm still on time to catch the opening band Mia Klose on stage. The room was totally crowded and maybe a little bit too hot even for my standards. Mia has a great voice, very tuned, good stage presence, and both music and lyrics were pretty cool, varying from metal ballads to a slightly more heavy stuff. A fine start for the night.

Though Jim had read some bad reviews earlier regarding The Intrepid Fox staff we found them friendly and we didn’t experience any problem to get our drinks. It’s true that there were not many beer or scotch options but we actually don’t care much about this.


Next Damn Dice entered the stage. The gig was really fun, and because the band members were fairly young they looked exactly like if they had jumped from the LA Sunset Strip scenery of the 80’s directly to our days, with all the hair, costumes, jumps and poses. Which I love.

Definitely I must visit The Intrepid Fox again.  

Damn Dice on stage
Damn Dice rockin’ the stage @The Intrepid Fox

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