Good things come to those who wait

Steve Harris British Lion

(Para ler este post em Português: Quem espera sempre alcança)

March 26, a Tuesday night – it’s time to rock! Tonight Steve Harris (Iron Maiden’s bassist) is going to play with his new side project British Lion for the first time in London! And I have a ticket!!! 😀

I arrived at the venue – O2 Academy Islington – by 7pm. The venue is located in the inside of N1 Shopping Centre and because I was following google maps directions I walked all around the place until I reached the dock entrance, at the back of the building. When I got there I saw a man standing outside the building smoking in front of a service door, wearing short trousers and a beanie, and it passed through my mind that this guy could be one of the crew members….  I thought about asking for directions just to start some kind of conversation – but I didn’t stop…

There was a queue to enter the place and it took me about 20 minutes to get inside. I got really pleased when I discovered it was an intimate hall with capacity for only 800 people. I got myself a double scotch (btw, if you like scotch never accept Southern Comfort – it’s sweet as candy, smells like peanut butter – and it’s NOT scotch! It only contains whiskey-tasting flavoring rather than actual whiskey!!) and took a good position right in front of the stage. During all the waiting time the background music was nothing less than Led Zeppelin. 😀

At 8pm the British band Zico Chain opened the night. Though it’s not exactly my favorite kind of music (I belong to another generation…) I have to say that they were quite good, and the crowd enjoyed a lot and was well warmed.

When Zico Chain left the stage, the British Lion’s crew entered to arrange things…. And guess what? That guy I’ve seen outside the building was actually one of the crew members!! At this time I deeply regretted for not having stopped!! How stupid I was!!

But soon after it Steve Harris’ new band started playing and they totally erased any sorrow from my mind!! Though I had listened to a few tracks on YouTube before I wasn’t properly familiarized with their songs. This wasn’t a problem at all cause the songs were strong and melodious at the same time with a rampant heavy rock-vibe. The band members were overflowing energy, especially vocalist Richard Taylor, guitar player Grahame Leslie and of course Steve Harris. Striking!!!

And what was my surprise when they started the encore with Let It Roll from my favorite band UFO!!! I felt this as a kind of a sign of good omen… From this moment on I started believing that although I have wasted my chance with the crew guy I still could meet Mr. Harris personally.

The gig ended but I didn’t leave the hall. I tried to get another scotch from the bar but it was already closed. After more or less 30 min the security staff begun to push the remaining crowd out of the venue. I went to the loo and when I came out I stumbled upon guitarist Grahame Leslie taking pictures and talking to a few fans… IMG_6469

Soon after a shoot and a quick talk with Mr. Leslie I was definitely kicked out of the place. But I would not give up so easily!!!!

The back gate was closed, so I decided to walk around the building to try the rear service door where I had first seen that crew member smoking…


Not more than 10 minutes had passed when I arrived there and Steve Harris appeared, in flesh and blood! He looked pretty tired but still he was super friendly and smiled at me when I told him I was a huge Iron Maiden fan from Brazil! He took a pic with me and I let him go… \m/


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