10 awesome things about trains

St Pancras International Railstation(Para ler este post em Português: 10 Boas Razões pra Viajar de Trem)

On April 30th 2013 I left London through St Pancras International Train Station (which btw has a stunning Victorian facade and is super modern on its inside at the same time), and for the very first time in my life I’ve boarded an European train. Since then I have rambled over the world more than 14 thousand miles just on railways……….

… How did I find it??? I’m totally crazy about riding trains!!! To me it’s a thousand times better than flying!!! And to prove my unconditional ♥ LOVE ♥ I did a small list of AWESOME THINGS ABOUT TRAINS:


1- (Usually) Less expensive tickets (of course that had to be the n° 1 on my list!! hehe).

2- All your beloved bags travel next to you, therefore Sir. Evil Ghost of Lost Luggage doesn’t board with you. Also you don’t have to worry if you’re carrying liquids and other prohibited items in your carry-on luggage. Nor you have to feel distressed while watching your bags being dumped into the baggage claim as if they were sacks of potatoes, to then realize that not only they reappeared filthier than ever but they also have been broken.

3- THERE ISN’T AN X-RAY INSPECTION!!! (usually) No need to explain why you are carrying tons of medicines, Brazilian coffee, a bottle of scotch whisky and a sword.

4- There ain’t excess baggage charges, whatever you’re able to carry is ok. It might be a little difficult to find place on your carriage to accommodate all your 5 XXL bags filled with stash valuable souvenirs to your family and friends and everyone will give you an odd look but keep the faith and everything is gonna be alright.Netherlands train5- Train stations are commonly located in city centers, you don’t have to waste your time (and your money) with transfers to the airport.

With my friends Grant, Lane and Brett (who was behind the camera)

6- Seats are more comfortable, the space between them is bigger than on airplanes, some wagons have sets of 4 seats with a convenient center table which is perfect for eating, reading, writing stories on your computer, or boozing socializing with friends.

7- You better enjoy the scenery, appreciate the different cities, villages, buildings, churches, castles and landscape along the way.

Restaurant wagon8- No annoying turbine noise. Instead, the train makes a cozy sound, almost hypnotic, which combined to the smooth and repetitive lateral move is great for a nap in the middle of the afternoon – it’s gonna make you sleep like a baby… (Not to mention that the train whistle is awesome)!! Relax your mind, there’s no risk of turbulence on this journey…

9- The aisles are wider and every car has two doors on each side, boarding and landing don’t take forever. Also great for those Life Safety professionals who worry about NFPA101: Means of Egress. 😛

Bratislava food onboard10- And finally: tired of being seated?? If you get bored you can spend some energy roaming from one wagon to another, walk into the restaurant car and have a meal with real cutlery and crockery, and even get a cold beer…

Owww how I wish we had trains in my country!! 🙄

What about you? What transportation do you prefer?

Buy your tickets:
RouteRank => http://www.routerank.com/en/
Voyage-sncf => http://en.voyages-sncf.com/en/
Eurostar => http://www.eurostar.com/uk-en/trains
The Train Line (UK) => http://www.thetrainline.com/
National Rail (UK) => http://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/service/planjourney/search


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