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My name is Claudia and in 2011 I decided to realize my dream of going on a long term solo journey around the world. After one and a half year of planning, saving and trying to convince my managers to approve a leave of absence, finally on the 1st of March 2013 I boarded a flight to Europe and started my adventure. In 10 months I've visited 23 countries, 78 cities, crossed 24 time zones, took 21 flights, 29 trains, 7 ferryboats, rented 6 cars, drove 6200 km, attended to 16 gigs, discovered 27 metal pubs, made uncountable new amazing international friends, covering a total of 73 thousand kilometers (or 45 thousand miles). In this blog I share my tips, thoughts, adventures and of course a few misadventures too! I wish with my stories I can somehow inspire you to do the same someday - follow your heart! Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy it!

Parrot eats the corn, parakeet gets the blame

(Para ler em Português: Papagaio come milho, periquito leva a fama)

According to Samaritans’ last annual report, an UK registered charity aimed at providing support to anyone in emotional distress, every year about 200 people throw themselves in front of a train in the Netherlands, leaving the country in the 4th position in the European railways suicidal ranking. The suicide rate in the Netherlands is not that bad, around 0,0098% per year, but currently 12% of them are rail-related…

Sunny morning of May 3rd 2013. I was at Bergen op Zoom train station, but my train didn’t show up. I heard an announcement from the station speakers – in Dutch! What the hell are they saying??? Is my train coming or not? Was it cancelled? Is it broken? Is it being fixed or replaced? When is it coming? What am I supposed to do?????? Continue reading Parrot eats the corn, parakeet gets the blame


Don’t push your luck!!

(Para ler este post em português: Não dê sopa para o azar!!)

Everyone who travels knows how annoying it can be to get your luggage back upon arrival, since suitcases from top brands are always similar and come in the same colors: black, blue, red, black, orange, black, green, black, brown, black. (Anyways light colors are not recommended cause they get dirty very quickly!)

To avoid problems I prefer buying the colored ones, but still it happened to me once to have a missing red (!!) bag in a big airport in the US. The conveyor belt rolled and rolled… One by one I watched the other passengers pick up their baggage and leave. The only thing left on the carousel was a bag exactly like mine: same size, color, brand, model. Continue reading Don’t push your luck!!

The older you get, the better you get – unless you’re a banana

Uriah Heep | Sometimes dreams come true

(Para ler este post em português: Galinha velha é que dá bom caldo) 

In the southern Netherlands, close to the Belgium border, there is the enchanting little town of Bergen op Zoom, a city that hosts one of the last Medieval Gates remaining in the country. But the reason why I included this village of such a picturesque name on my travel plans was much more special than that:

Continue reading The older you get, the better you get – unless you’re a banana

Set a beggar on horseback and he will ride to hell

The Belgians and the Bacon in disguise

(Para ler este post em português: Quem nunca comeu melado, quando come se lambuza)

I went to Belgium more because of a bug on my plans than any other reason. I had booked a hotel in the Netherlands starting on May 1st while my lodging in London would finish on April 30th. It was only on Apr 29th that I realized there was a one-night gap on my schedule. So, one day before my departure I still wasn’t sure (a) Where I was going to sleep the next night and (b) How I was going to get to Bergen Op Zoom in the Netherlands – being a rookie at it, on the web I couldn’t find a train connecting these two cities. After a lot of research I concluded that Brussels would be the best option, being conveniently located and very beautiful, and last minute I found a place to stay and bought a train ticket.

Thus at 4pm of April 30 I arrived Brussels Train Station, traced a route with Google Maps, took the subway and next I began pushing up my bag cheerfully and bouncy through the half-dozen blocks indicated by the GPS… when I realized I was in a black neighborhood. Continue reading Set a beggar on horseback and he will ride to hell

10 awesome things about trains

St Pancras International Railstation(Para ler este post em Português: 10 Boas Razões pra Viajar de Trem)

On April 30th 2013 I left London through St Pancras International Train Station (which btw has a stunning Victorian facade and is super modern on its inside at the same time), and for the very first time in my life I’ve boarded an European train. Since then I have rambled over the world more than 14 thousand miles just on railways……….

… How did I find it??? I’m totally crazy about riding trains!!! To me it’s a thousand times better than flying!!! And to prove my unconditional ♥ LOVE ♥ I did a small list of AWESOME THINGS ABOUT TRAINS:

Continue reading 10 awesome things about trains

Dog’s Bollocks things to do in London

(Para ler este post em Português: Apanhadão Geral de Londres)

After having wandered around London for two and a half months I’ve prepared a summary of the things I liked fancied the most about the city and some general handy information. I skip places such as Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus, London Bridge, and etc cause I assume everyone’s tired knackered of hearing about them. Continue reading Dog’s Bollocks things to do in London

There’s no smoke without fire

EXTRA: BRAZILIAN RIOTS | It’s not about R$ 0.20

"Under Construction"
“Under Construction”
(Para ler este post em Português: EXTRA: Onde há fumaça há fogo)

My purpose on this blog is not talk about politics or social problems of my country but, being on the other side of the Atlantic, my sister asked me to share how the riots against the increase in bus fare are re

verberating internationally… Continue reading There’s no smoke without fire