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The sleeping shrimp is washed away by the wave

Lost in the Night with Jack The Ripper

(Para ler este post em Português: Camarão que dorme a onda leva)

Yes UFO will be playing in London tonight and guess who was invited to attend to their gig?????

Me, Myself and I!!!!

I got a cab to the venue (Differently from what I thought it would be it’s very very difficult to find a cab in the streets of London. This is not New York. 😛 You need to call them and then they’ll come to you. But it happens that I don’t have a phone……)

UFO VIP passAnyway… I got a cab and successfully got to the venue. My name indeed was on the VIP guests list!! Unbelievable! Please do NOT wake me up cause I’m sure I’m just dreaming…

As usual I bought myself a double scotch and went to the front of the stage. I don’t wanna miss a thing…

The gig was awesome but unfortunately for me I wasn’t able to move much. Something happened with my backbone/ neck (probably because of the stream of cold air I took when I was walking naked around my neighborhood earlier this day) and I had this terrible pain that kept me from moving my head up. 

After the gig I met with the band again backstage. And I couldn’t believe when Phil Mogg walked to me saying ‘Hey Claudia look, I have your signed album covers here with me. Apparently I took them by mistake on the other night. They were in my pocket all the time!Continue reading The sleeping shrimp is washed away by the wave


Better lose the saddle than the horse


(Para ler este post em Português: Vão-se os anéis mas ficam os dedos)

After having a long sleep (finally) and a good hot shower I went for a walk to see Birmingham. I ate my first meal in two days (appetizers and airplane food don’t count) in a French restaurant. Steak with fries and crème brûlée for dessert. The steak was a little tough which made me wonder if I was eating horse meat but the crème was delicious and that was enough for me. Next I found a Starbucks where I ordered a double expresso. That’s all I needed! Now I’m ready to rock! Cause I’ve a ticket for UFO gig tonight!! 😀

The venue was less than 2 miles away from my hotel so I decided to walk. The city looks marvelous at night time! When I got there the opening band was still on stage and they had a full house. I went to the bar to warm my soul with a scotch and stood there watching other people trying to understand how to order my drink. Continue reading Better lose the saddle than the horse