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You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs

Getting Into Europe

Para ler este post em Português: Para fazer a omelete é preciso quebrar os ovos)

I’ve landed Lisbon by 10am and since my flight to London was scheduled for 3pm I decided I had enough time to take a walk. During the flight to Lisbon I met Wanda, a Brazilian girl from São Paulo who was born in Manaus. We both had the same flight scheduled to London so I invited her to join me on my ride. We got directions at the airport from very funny and confusing immigration guards of how to get to the historic center of town and we left to the metro station.

IMG_5882 xThe train was very clean and the seats were soft and comfortable. On the inside there was a man playing Portuguese folk songs in a concertina with a little dog balanced on his shoulder, holding the handle of a small bucket for donations with its teeth – which made the poor dog unable to open its mouth! Continue reading You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs