With the world at your feet

Affordable London | Car-Boot Sales

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Do you wanna know where London’s trendsetters buy cool stuff without burning all their pennies…? The answer is: in Car-Boot Sales.

London is well known as one of the most expensive cities in the world, but thanks to my friend Jim I discovered that yes! there’re ways to spend your days here in an affordable way – and buy all sorts of  things for really cheap prices!!!  Continue reading With the world at your feet


Good things come to those who wait

Steve Harris British Lion

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March 26, a Tuesday night – it’s time to rock! Tonight Steve Harris (Iron Maiden’s bassist) is going to play with his new side project British Lion for the first time in London! And I have a ticket!!! 😀

I arrived at the venue – O2 Academy Islington – by 7pm. The venue is located in the inside of N1 Shopping Centre and because I was following google maps directions I walked all around the place until I reached the dock entrance, at the back of the building. When I got there I saw a man standing outside the building smoking in front of a service door, wearing short trousers and a beanie, and it passed through my mind that this guy could be one of the crew members…. Continue reading Good things come to those who wait

In a piranha-infested river alligators swim backstroke

Living With Strangers

(Para ler este post em Português: Em rio que tem piranha jacaré nada de costas)

Living in a shared house can be quite odd. For the last 10 days I’ve been sharing my place with a German guy, two Asian girls from Singapore, and ‘some’ strange Indian guys (I don’t know exactly how many they are!).

Every single day the Indian guys spend daytime sleeping, they go out for partying when the sun goes down (sun?!? what sun???), they arrive back home after 1am with more friends and cook rice with curry. Then they lock themselves into their room and stay there cheering till morning…. The other night I was in the kitchen chatting with Kalle, the German guy, who is the only normal person here besides me (what’s normal anyway?? how pretentious I am!! heehee), when these guys arrived. Two of them stayed with us in the kitchen to cook their rice. I was drinking beer so I was in need to pee…

IMG_6355 (2)

I went upstairs to use the bathroom but it was busy – one of the Indians was taking a shower. The hall was smoky and there was a bland smell of tobacco in the air… Continue reading In a piranha-infested river alligators swim backstroke

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

The Intrepid Fox of Soho

(Para ler este post em Português: Nem só de pão vive o homem)

Last Friday I was looking for a pub with live music (preferably free of charge) to hang out with my friend Jim and after a research on Songkick I discovered that a local hair metal band called Damn Dice would be playing that night. Before taking the final decision we checked out on YouTube and we found out that the band seemed to be quite good although not outstanding. The aspect of this evening that worth a highlight indeed is the venue: The Intrepid Fox.

The Intrepid Fox @Soho
The Intrepid Fox @Soho
Pool table upstairs @The Intrepid Fox
Pool table upstairs @The Intrepid Fox

The Intrepid Fox is an alternative rock’n’roll joint situated in Soho area. It’s a two-story building with its main bar and lounge space located at the ground floor and upstairs there is the stage and also a pool table. The place has a terrific atmosphere and it’s “beautifully” decorated with gargoyles, skeletons, posters and everything else that makes headbangers feel at home… Continue reading All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

When the well dries you realize the value of water

Is WWWanderer Going to Freeze???

(Para ler este post em Português: É quando a fonte seca que se percebe o valor da água)

Late night yesterday I was alone in the house when someone knocked on my door (remember my room in located on the facade of the building – and for this reason I’ve been helping all the other guests that lodge here). When I opened there was a strange Indian guy standing there arguing me for instructions on how to get the key to his room from the locker. I friendly introduced myself, as usual: ‘hello, I’m Claudia from Brazil‘ but in response he just stared at me impatiently. I helped him get his key and then I noticed there was a suspicious car parked in front of my room. Continue reading When the well dries you realize the value of water

A burnt child dreads the fire

Meeting with a Voodoo Man @London Tube

(Para ler este post em Português: Gato escaldado tem medo de água fria)

It’s a freezing Sunday morning in London – expecting snow late tonight. So there’s not much to do, I was planning to go to Brick Lane but it won’t be very fun with this cold weather… Well I assume there’ll be another chance.

During this first week in London I haven’t done very much to be honest, but nonetheless it’s been an interesting week…

On Wednesday I met Jim here at the house and we drank scotch together till late night. Continue reading A burnt child dreads the fire

The sleeping shrimp is washed away by the wave

Lost in the Night with Jack The Ripper

(Para ler este post em Português: Camarão que dorme a onda leva)

Yes UFO will be playing in London tonight and guess who was invited to attend to their gig?????

Me, Myself and I!!!!

I got a cab to the venue (Differently from what I thought it would be it’s very very difficult to find a cab in the streets of London. This is not New York. 😛 You need to call them and then they’ll come to you. But it happens that I don’t have a phone……)

UFO VIP passAnyway… I got a cab and successfully got to the venue. My name indeed was on the VIP guests list!! Unbelievable! Please do NOT wake me up cause I’m sure I’m just dreaming…

As usual I bought myself a double scotch and went to the front of the stage. I don’t wanna miss a thing…

The gig was awesome but unfortunately for me I wasn’t able to move much. Something happened with my backbone/ neck (probably because of the stream of cold air I took when I was walking naked around my neighborhood earlier this day) and I had this terrible pain that kept me from moving my head up. 

After the gig I met with the band again backstage. And I couldn’t believe when Phil Mogg walked to me saying ‘Hey Claudia look, I have your signed album covers here with me. Apparently I took them by mistake on the other night. They were in my pocket all the time!Continue reading The sleeping shrimp is washed away by the wave

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