Summer Festivals

(Para ler este post em Português: Festivais de Verão na Europa)

Want to enhance your next vacation?

I think it’s now time to stop with the cheap talk and go ahead with the actual purpose of this blog. From now on I’ll alternate posts regarding rock, travel, kung fu, learning abroad programs, planning, and everything else needed to plan my trip (or yours I hope)!

Some of my friends are so excited with my travel plans that they just can’t help giving me new ideas (thx Guan Gong really strong ones) for this blog! I’ve already listed in my head five topics to research and write about in my next posts… I hope they are going to be helpful for you all – or at least I wish they become pleasant readings in case you and me don’t have anything in common…!

Another day my friend Cristiane from IBM came to me with a newspaper containing an article about Music Festivals that commonly happen in Europe during (their) Summer, I’ll start with this great subject!

What if you could incorporate to your next vacation the unique experience of watching some of your favorite bands playing live in a BIG festival huh?

I’ve made a research on the web and picked a few that seemed to be the most interesting ones according to my tastes – I’ve listed a some of them below:

Though I haven’t found anything scheduled for 2013 yet looking at 2012 calendar I can predict that there’ll be dozens of Rock Festivals going on during my travel year!

And please don’t be sad if there’s nothing in my top picks for you, there’s a lot more happening to suit all tastes! If you want further and complete information from the electronic scene to the pop music and passing through jazz I found this amazing website with EVERYTHING related to music festivals – even better not only regarding Europe but both US and Canada too.

Just go for and have fun!!!



(Para ler este post em Português: Pra Onde?)

One year, the globe. But where to go?!?

Since I’ll have to do some engineering learning during the trip it’ll be necessary to STAY in some cities for a while and not only just “wander” around the globe.

How would you pick 3 or 4 cities among all the 191 (according to ONU’s list) existing countries ??

My “headquarters” must be relevant regarding civil engineering, music, language, Kung Fu and my “family mystery” (to understand these topics you’ll have to read my previous post) and also be well located, so that I would be able to travel from these headquarters and visit more and more places.

I want to divide my time between Europe because of its cultural influence over this side of the world where I grew up regarding architecture, music, food and arts
and Asia because of all of its history, culture, technology, natural beauties and (of course) martial arts.

I chose (a) Venetia from Italy because it’s where my grandfather came from, (b) London from UK for of its relevance regarding the rock’n’roll scene, (c) Shanghai or Beijing from China because of its great construction technologies and (d) Foshan cause it’s currently the heart of my Kung Fu form Choy Li Fut.

“Choy Li Fut is the most effective system that I’ve seen for fighting more than one person. [It] is one of the most difficult styles to attack and defend against. Choy Li Fut is the only style [of kung fu] that traveled to Thailand to fight the Thai boxers and hadn’t lost.” –Bruce Lee”

… and in case I get enough time for that, (e) SanFran/ CA (which is my favorite magical city from US) will be my last destination before coming back home…

Engineering, Kung Fu & Rock’n’Roll

(Para ler este post em Português: Engenharia, Kung Fu & Rock’n’Roll)

What is this trip about???

First important thing about this adventure is to establish what are my main interests. They will guide the trip, based on them I will decide when and where to go.

1- MUSIC. I love rock. And blues. Folk. Jazz… And all the other good stuff beyond that. I enjoy discovering new sounds, rhythms, bands, relaxing music, loud music, great lyrics, beautiful voices, singing, screaming, dancing, shaking, partying… My plan is to watch my favorite bands doing their small gigs and to look for new and undiscovered bands too.

2- KUNG FU. Hey I need to say that I’m not a violent person ok? 9 years ago, in a time of my life when everything had gone wrong, I was depressed, unemployed, unhappy, and broken… After several years of a solid career working in big construction projects I was fooled by the man I was engaged to and he left me with a half million debt.
Back to my parents’ home I had nothing to do. Economy was terrible for civil engineers and I couldn’t find a job. Then one day I decided to take Kung Fu classes. My father thought I had gone crazy! What kind of person would begin practicing martial arts at the age of 27?!? Someone a little bit crazy… But I was soooo sad, had nothing left to do… Why not to give it a shot? I started slowly, two times a week only, just a regular grasshopper. But it made me feel so good and balanced that I couldn’t stop… Now back to present I’m a black belt who practices KF 6 times a week and has a few vitories and medals to show…
Always remember that a thousand miles journey begins with a single step, as says the Chinese, and nothing is impossible when you believe your dreams and work really hard!

3- FAMILY MISTERIES. There is a misterious story about my grandpa… Some years ago I was in a relationship with an Italian guy, who lives in my neighborhood. One night there was a big storm that got us stuck inside the condominium starving so we decided to join my parents for a pizza. While we were waiting for the delivery boy to arrive with our food my mom brought us a letter written by my gran grandfather to my grandfather in the 30s. My boyfriend translated it for us… In that letter my gran grandfather said that “everyone was a little sad in my grandfather’s marriage but also that that was the right thing to do…”
Wait… What?!? That was BEFORE my grandfather met my grandmother!!!
We always knew that something wrong had happened for my grandfather to leave Italy without ever coming back… But did he marry another woman before grandma?!? And is it possible that I have an unknown uncle or perhaps an aunt???
These are just suppositions… Which I want to investigate…

4- ENGINEERING.This is what I HAVE to do to justify the license at IBM. I love civil engineering and never thought about doing something different with my life since I was 17, but at the same time it’s difficult to decide what kind of specific knowledge can I get from a trip like this.
New technologies? Smart buildings? Project management? Planning? Structures? I’m not sure yet. There are so many options!
I’ll develop this theme later after doing some researches…

5- LANGUAGE. Language is something that had always interested me. I grew up among books, it’s something I earned from my mother.
At home my family commonly chose a book instead of a TV show. And as a teenager I used to exchange letters with my close friends to update the news instead of giving them a call.
I like speaking English. It would be great if I could be fluent in Italian. Maybe some French, why not? And perhaps a little Mandarin too… haha…

I’ve listed here only 5 of my guidance interests, but there’s still much much more: tastes, culture, people, food, nature, views… What are yours?

I’m looking forward to all the amazing things I’ll be able to learn worldwide…
Follow me and I’ll show you!



(Para ler este post em Português: Inspiração)

It’s been more (not quite sure but much much more I think) than a month since wwwander was created, but I believe you cannot write for obligation. It’s something that comes from your soul… To write you need to be happy but with some sadness… In peace but with some unexplained and unknown willings…
Something needs to be missing inside your heart…
… A little hangover helps too…
That’s exactly how I feel tonight. But this was about another trip…

What’s this all about? What do I expect from this journey? What am I looking for? Where do I want to go? What do I need to discover? Where did we come from? And where are we all going?

Haha take it easy girl!!! Wow that’s too many questions!!

Let’s keep straight to the subject: first place I hope this helps me to improve my English. Second it’ll be great to register and share my international adventures. And finally third, but not less important, it’ll be to plan all the details of the trip…

Engineering studies made my brain mainly rational so that’s how it’s gonna be.

The Blog

(Para ler este post em Português: O Blog)

Once again Cristiane. She told me “If you’re planning to do such a big adventure you do need to write a blog. Otherwise how would we be able to follow you?”

That’s fine but… How do you create one???

Flavia showed me how to do it and gave me some websites addresses. I chose WordPress because it was international and I thought it would be the best option to communicate with foreign people too and not only my Brazilian fellows.

It took me a couple of hours to find the perfect name for me and my blog. WWWander had everything I wanted to express: to Wander World Wide, all around the globe… I chose a nice pict for the main page and wrote a few lines for the summary…

Next weekend it was my sister’s turn – Cintia – to bring me new ideas.
She told me I could use the blog to get some support ($) for the trip, from companies like Expedia, Kiss FM, Jack Daniels, among others.
“Yeah really. People make money writing things like this, when they have enough readers…”

So I hope you’re following me…
And if you are, thanks for supporting me!

… but at that time I had no inspiration at all… and wwwander remained empty…


(Para ler este post em português: O Início)

So… I have a blog.
But how do I start?
I have never tried to write about anything seriously, specially in a language that’s not my own…

I’ll start from the very beginning: how this idea was born.

Cristiane who is one of my girlfriends from IBM loaned me that movie Eat Pray and Love… Watching it made me wonder how amazing it would be to travel all around the globe for a year, learning about different cultures, meeting new people…

oh wow…

… But how could I dream of doing something like this when I have such a great job? Yes it’s true that the construction market is in great shape nowadays, but who knows how is it going to be in a year or two…??

On the next Monday I mentioned my silly dreams to the girls during lunch and then another friend Flavia asked me innocently “But why don’t you go? Do you know that as an IBMer you can have an 1 year leave of absence…? You don’t have kids nor family nor any other responsibilities to hold you here…”

Wait… What?!?!? Do you mean I can travel for an entire year and still keep my job?!? Are you kidding me?!?

She wasn’t.
Yes, it’s true.
I can live my dream.

One important thing that needs to be mentioned here about the IBM’s license is that you do need some approvals to get it. And that the license should be somehow used to help you develop your professional skills. So I would need to find classes regarding my job role… Not so hard to get I thought.
I talked to my manager and noticed he got really sad… I could see tears inside his eyes… That broke my heart but I had to keep my objectives in mind and had to be strong.
My arguments were tough I now. I said that if he wouldn’t agree I would quit immediately to take another job with bigger incomings…
After a couple of hours of several arguings he agreed.

Let’s plan!

Rockin' round the world