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In a piranha-infested river alligators swim backstroke

Living With Strangers

(Para ler este post em Português: Em rio que tem piranha jacaré nada de costas)

Living in a shared house can be quite odd. For the last 10 days I’ve been sharing my place with a German guy, two Asian girls from Singapore, and ‘some’ strange Indian guys (I don’t know exactly how many they are!).

Every single day the Indian guys spend daytime sleeping, they go out for partying when the sun goes down (sun?!? what sun???), they arrive back home after 1am with more friends and cook rice with curry. Then they lock themselves into their room and stay there cheering till morning…. The other night I was in the kitchen chatting with Kalle, the German guy, who is the only normal person here besides me (what’s normal anyway?? how pretentious I am!! heehee), when these guys arrived. Two of them stayed with us in the kitchen to cook their rice. I was drinking beer so I was in need to pee…

IMG_6355 (2)

I went upstairs to use the bathroom but it was busy – one of the Indians was taking a shower. The hall was smoky and there was a bland smell of tobacco in the air… Continue reading In a piranha-infested river alligators swim backstroke