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2013-11-25 17.44.31-2My name is Claudia and in 2011 I’ve decided to realize my dream of doing a long term solo journey around the world. After one year and a half planning, saving and trying to convince my managers to approve my leave of absence, finally on March 1st 2013 I boarded a flight to Europe and started my adventure.

In 10 months I’ve visited 23 countries, 78 cities, crossed 24 time zones, took 21 flights, 29 trains, 7 ferryboats, rented 6 cars, drove 6200 km, attended to 16 gigs (I’m a rock’n’roll addict), discovered 27 metal pubs, made uncountable new amazing international friends, covering a total of 73 thousand kilometers (or 45 thousand miles).

On this blog I’m sharing my tips, thoughts, adventures and of course a few misadventures too! I wish with my stories I can somehow encourage you to do the same someday – follow your heart!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy it!

An Irish Blessing


24 thoughts on “About Me & This Blog”

  1. G’day! My name is Martin Turk and I live in
    Reading, England (about 40 miles west of London). A big Heepster and fellow traveller. Look me up when in the UK! xx

      1. Good news! There are always plenty of gigs goin’ on, so we shall have some fun! I presume you’re not adverse to a few beers too? xx

  2. Great news indeed! I’ll give you my contact details whenever you like. (By beer I mean alcoholic beverages in general). ‘Appy daze, M. xx

    1. I won’t be there for this gig, yes that’s too soon for me! But thx to the Travellers in Time folks I’ll be attending the Bergen op Zoom (NL) concert on May 2nd! 😀

  3. Trying to get tix to Heep in Bergen op zoom. I intend to get back to Australia in November for six months if that is any good to you…. xx

  4. Randomly stumbled here! just one word : “AWESOME” you’re doing what I am dreaming now. I hope one day, when all ready, I can pack all my stuff & go around the world. Just like what you did! 🙂

    Just wandering though, where on earth you are right now?



    1. Thanks Arasyid!! Glad that you liked it!! Seriously, start planning and you’ll realize that going RTW is not that complicated! When you believe it, then it will happen!! Simple like that!
      I’m back to Brazil since Christmas – but I already have another trip to Europe scheduled to May! How about you? Where do you live?

      1. Oh that just made me wanna join with you! haha 😀 Yes I am planning & saving as well right now. I live in Indonesia recently while working hard to make that long-waited-yet-great-dream of Traveling this awesome World come true!

        I noticed you run this blog using two languages in different domain. It’s cool and useful for those who speak & understand one while don’t speak & understand another.

        Just (again) wandering how you made it works? Do you write every single post twice? one in English and afterwards you rewrite it in Spanish, (I don’t actually know what’s that), just correct me if I am wrong. 🙂

        Looking forward to hear even more from you. 🙂



      2. Halo ArHa!!
        When I first started I’ve tried to configure it as a single blog with two different feeds but I didn’t find out how to do it, so yes, I have to work with two different domains. :-/
        In Brazil we speak Portuguese, which is a little similar to Spanish (same origins). Sometimes I write in English and then translate to Portuguese, sometimes I do the opposite… Work is duplicated but that’s the only way to reach both my Brazilian folks (who mostly doesn’t speak English) and international friends. Also it’s a great way to develop my English skills! (I still have so much to improve…)
        Are you planning to do the same?

  5. Waoo that’s a big deal. You’re such a hard worker. I can’t imagine, how much time you spent every time you post? with all the stuff going on in daily basis while you’re traveling. Really great effort and it’s worth-ed. 🙂

    I don’t know. maybe. Haha. As I am kinda mixing my blog using english and Indonesian, it depends on my mood after all. haha 😀

    Will think about it later when I am ready to start my solo Round-the-world Travel. 😀 You definitely has given me an insight.

    I’ve got friends from Brazil when I was participating in a short-course program in US back then in Summer 2012. They’re such a friendly and smart students. And I’ve got a plan, to visit your country as well. Again, when all is set and covered both mentally and financially. hahaha 😀

    Well, thank you so much for this encounter in this Bloghsphere.
    Really wanted to meet and talk personally with you. (just a dream anyway) hehe 😀

    Have a good one,


  6. Olá Cláudia,
    parece que já descobri o teu blogue tarde… mas é muito interessante! também estou a planear dar uma volta ao mundo, começando, em princípio, no próximo ano 🙂 daí que possa tirar alguma informação neste teu espaço! engraçado como demos nomes semelhantes aos nossos blogues ahah

    1. Oi Pedro! Que bom que você gostou! Eu ando meio preguiçosa ultimamente, um dia quem sabe volto a contar as histórias da viagem…
      Quando você pretende viajar e por onde você vai começar?
      Abs, Claudia

      1. espero que voltes a contar histórias da tua viagem 🙂
        já conheço a maior parte dos países da Europa, por isso estou a pensar começar na Rússia e dps seguir para o Cáucaso e Ásia Central 🙂

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