The man who sleeps with dogs wakes up with fleas

A Jerk, Skid Row, The Fox, Brazilians, a Cassino…

(Para ler este post em Português: Galo que acompanha pato morre afogado)

April 13th, 2013. What does London city have to offer to a rocker on a Saturday night??? I will tell you: much more than one could imagine…! You never know how the night is gonna end…

I started the evening attending to a Skid Row gig. Even though I’ve never been a big fan of these guys I decided to give them a chance, and went to see them live at O2 Islington. And I’m glad I did it!!

Buffalo Summer
Cool band Buffalo Summer

The 1st opening band was Buffalo Summer, from Whales/ UK. They are a pretty cool rock band with a 70’s vibe, great guitar solos, loud drums and balanced vocals. After the act I bought their CD and talked to them for a while. All band members were surprisingly receptive and friendly.

I am I

The 2nd opening band I am I was ok, more metal than the previous one, with two good guitar shredders and a fine drummer, but their asshole moron vocalist ruined the show for me. Despite the fact that he sounded too low, he was the kind of jackass who thinks he’s the last cookie from the package. He was posing with a mock smile all the time as if he was hot and handsome – which definitely he was NOT! Just to make matters worse he had the bad habit of throwing water on the audience. And not only from a bottle!! Nooooo!!! Several times he filled his mouth with water to then spit it on the crowd! Ouch! What a jerk! Does he really thinks I fancy having his drools all over my hair??

Skid Row was a stunner for me, a bombshell! I must admit I should have listened to them before! Happens that I’ve never been a Sebastian Bach fan, with all those ballads… But Sebastian left the band several years ago… Well… I guess it’s better late than never!

Skid Row


After the gig I had to leave the venue quickly cause I needed to find a free wifi spot to send a message to my friend Jim… On my way out I saw the moron ugly singer from I am I next to the main entrance door, promoting his CD… One lady intercepted me and asked if I wanted to take a pic with him. “Are you kidding me?!? Never with this jerk!!!!”

I found a pub nearby and ordered a scotch at the bar to justify my need of their wifi password… I tried to call Jim several times but she never answered… I went to a table outside and started talking to some guys who had attended to the gig too: the mates Peter and Neil, and also Michael from magazine. <= Check this link if you wanna know all the latest news about the metal scene!

Peter and Neil
Crazy rockers Peter and Neil

We took the train together, they were going back home but I…

… I was heading my fave London pub, The Intrepid Fox……

When I got there I took a seat on the mezzanine upstairs to sip my whisky while enjoying their always-smashing set list (a common set list at the Fox: Sabbath, Maiden, Priest, Ozzy, …), watching some guys playing pool…

with Keith and Ines
With Keith and Ines at The Intrepid Fox

One of the players bumped the pool cue in me, and when the game finished he came to me to apologize. We started chatting, his name was Keith, I told him I was from Brazil, he told me his girlfriend Ines was also Brazilian and introduced me to her. Ines then started introducing me to more and more Brazilian folks at the Fox! Wow! Suddenly I figured that at least 25% of the gang at the Fox were from Brazil too! That was just unbelievable!! How is that possible??? We are everywhere!
Is there anyone left in my country…?

Even numbersWhen the Fox closed at 2 or 3 in the morning we all went together to another pub… I stayed there with my peers for a while and then decided it was time to get back home. When looking for my bus stop I stumbled upon a couple of girls, one of them wearing a blonde mohawk hair, and they invited me to join them and have some fun. What the hell… I have nothing to loose… “Ok, where are you going?” They took me to a cassino! The blondie spent piles of money, her girlfriend and I were just watching… Ok, that’s enough for me! I’m going home!

The bad news is that the later the night gets the more expensive is the scotch! It started at £4,50 at the gig, went to £6,50 at the Fox, raised to £9,50 at the 2nd pub and jumped to £19,00 (!!) at the Cassino!! Ouch!


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